Sara Nelson O'Brien

About Sara:

In the spring of 2012, Sara Nelson O'Brien found out that her best friend, Amy, had end stage pancreatic cancer. Sara, a nurse, was experienced in providing end-of-life care. With her husband's encouragement and much prayer, she traveled across country to California to help care for her friend. During this time Sara and Amy began reading the Bible together. Amy--who claimed to have put her faith on the "back burner"--developed a beautiful and deep relationship with Jesus. Improving physically and surprising the physicians, a few months later she was pronounced in partial remission. With Amy's improved health, Sara returned home to New York.

A few days after arriving home, Sara made an appointment with her physician to discuss notable health changes. It was then she commenced her own battle with an aggressive form of endometrial cancer and underwent radical surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Sara and Amy, via telephone continued daily Bible reading. It became a precious experience for both of them with God's words coming alive with meaning and profound comfort. Amy suggested that they co-author a book for other women facing cancer. However that spring, almost one year after Amy's initial diagnosis, her cancer spread rapidly and in June 2013 she went home to be with the Lord. That same month Sara found out that she was in complete remission.

A few months later, Sara sensed God's call to write a devotional book. While still bald from chemotherapy, tattooed from radiation treatments, and finally able to resume riding her beloved little Suzuki motorcycle, Sara wrote The Bald Headed, Tattooed, Motorcycle Mama's Devotional Guide. It was edited by Sara's friend, mentor, and fellow cancer survivor and thriver, Toni Williams.

Sara earned her BA from The King's College (NYC) in 1992, her LPN from SUNY Delhi in 2004, and her treasured starfish pin from the radiology staff at Bassett Cancer Institute in 2013, signifying the end of her radiation treatments. Sara has worked with her local home church, in international missions, as a long-term care nurse and an advocate for individuals with disabilities. She is enjoying her remission with her husband, David, dog, Angel, and two cats, Bonnie and Clyde. They currently reside in the beautiful city of the hills, Oneonta, NY.

Sara writes a bi-weekly devotional blog: