The Bald Headed, Tattooed, Motorcycle Mama's Devotional Guide:

As I grasped the handlebars of my motorcycle, roaring down the highway at 45 mph, I thought, "This is it! I did it! I beat cancer!" It was my first time riding in over a year and I was feeling free as a bird. I still understood my condition, remission is not always long-term, but at that moment worries over cancer were tossed to the shoulder like a piece of debris bouncing off into the distance. I felt victorious!

The victorious moments are precious in the battle against cancer. They shine out in the midst of tests, appointments, fear and worry. They are worth holding onto and remembering. When wading through the  murky waters of this illness, it is good to recognize moments of light and levity, and be reminded that joy has not disappeared forever.

To the warrior fighting this dreaded disease:You are not alone! God is present! God cares about you personally, and deeply. He is faithful, ever-present, all powerful, and desires to walk with you through this journey, to give hope that does not depend on diagnosis, prognosis, or stage of cancer. This book is designed to lift you up, to anchor your mind in God's steadfastness and to encourage moments of humor. May God bless you and bring you His peace and joy amidst your personal battle.

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What people are saying about this book:

"This is truly a different type of devotional.  Each day starts with a biblical quote, but what follows that is a journal-type entry.  Despite the fact that the topic is cancer, O'Brien can be quite witty, as when she writes of her super WW undies or of not losing her taste for cookies.  Wit turns to blazing humor when the author says that stubble acts as Velcro to keep hats in place.  She writes well about bad mood days and the sad things, but this author has an unbeatable buoyancy that makes the pages turn.  The story about the popcorn kernel stuck in the middle of her forehead was hilarious.  It is impossible to read this book without being uplifted, moved and cheered by the pluck and spirit of Sara Nelson O'Brien.  I would not hesitate a moment to give this book to anyone needing words of comfort from a cancer survivor."  - Judge, 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

"This devotional was a lifeline to me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It took the fear out of the unknown and left me with a calm assurance, that with God's help, I could face whatever lay ahead."  - Teresa Sears, Cancer Survivor & Thriver

"Sara invites us into her inner circle of suffering, which we then discover to be an inner sanctum where God is glorified.  With candor and humor, Sara shares her cancer journey.  The verdict 'it is cancer' is hard to bear.  Sara's book provides enormous encouragement for cancer patients and their loved ones."  - Barbara Bonebrake, Cancer Survivor & Thriver

"Cancer can be very consuming to everyone who deals with it.  It draws your thoughts back to it incessantly.  The devotions in this book drew my thoughts and heart back to God."

-Doree Luettger, Caregiver & Spouse

"Having recently gone through cancer surgery and the slow recuperative process, I couldn't put this book down!  Sara's devotional is filled with the all too real and relatable cancer experiences, a dry sense of humor, and Biblical wisdom.  Written in a friendly, easy to read manner, the daily insights are uplifting and filled with honesty, hope and encouragement."  - Julie Shea, Cancer Survivor & Thriver

"Inspirational and motivating to anyone who has had cancer or been close to someone who has fought the battle.  Her down to earth style and frank recounting of her experience and success makes one feel like there is hope even through the tough and stressful times...inspirational, captivating and uplifting."  - David Morell, Teacher

"A vulnerable and unvarnished description of how the promises and person of God manifest in the daily fight with cancer.  Sara's wit, personality and faith in the scriptures are interwoven throughout each chapter as she portrays one of life's beautiful truths - God is enough and God living in us is enough."  - Heather Starkey Spada, M.A., LPC, Professional Counselor

"God gives us one another!  This is a delightful and moving devotional, encouraging us to walk alongside the wounded...wise, practical and inspirational."  - Bonnie Jamison, Author of Take Me Home

Sara Nelson O'Brien

The Bald Headed, Tattooed, Motorcycle Mama's Devotional Guide for Cancer Warriors & the People Who Love Them

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