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Everyday Jesus

Ordinary Encounters with Extraordinary Jesus

​When the town pariah left her home during the hottest part of the day to draw water from the local well, she hoped to avoid the scrutiny of neighbors. Instead she met a stranger who knew all her indiscretions and instead of judgement offered redemption. The Samaritan woman at the well was just going about her everyday life. She had her foibles and disappointments, just like everyone else. She couldn't have imagined that her life would radically change after one encounter with a stranger, or that the maker of the universe would sit down beside her and strike up a conversation.

​She is one of many people who met Jesus during his lifetime. Shepherds busy tending sheep were interrupted by visits from celestial beings proclaiming his birth. Servants hoisting platters witnessed water miraculously turned into wine. Highly educated religious scholars were stymied by his understanding of the Scriptures. His brothers knew him intimately and yet struggled to understand his true nature. Fishermen left their livelihood to follow him. Lepers and invalids were healed by his touch. Tax collectors and sinners invited him into their homes.

Ordinary people going about their everyday lives meet Jesus ... and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Sara Nelson O'Brien

​Jesus met kings and paupers, rulers and executioners, and each had a story to tell.

Everyday Jesus is a collection of forty-eight of these stories based on Scripture in a daily devotional format that encourages the question, "What if?" What if the God of the universe came to earth in the form of a man and took the time to have a personal discourse with humanity? What if he listened to their questions and honest doubts? What if he blew apart their preconceptions of life and purpose? What if he gave a unique, one-in-a-million chance to discover what happens when the ordinary person encounters the extraordinary Jesus? And what if that invitation still extends today?